Backpage Alternative Websites: 10 Best Replacements For Finding Hookups, Casual Encounters and Escorts

If you enjoyed using backpage for finding dates, hookups, and affairs then April 2018 was a hard month.  The site was taken down by the US government after the owner put up prostitution ads for minors.

But if you just used the site to find dates then we are out of luck.  There has been a lot of fallout with these new laws for people that just enjoyed hooking up and meeting people in their city.

So for this guide I am going to cover the best backpage alternatives out there in your city.




My # of Encounters


Adult Friend Finder

230 million


Free Hookup Search

59 million


Ashley Madison

37 million


Ashley Madison

87 million


Instant Gay Hookups

32 million


Casual X

4 million


Best Replacements

If you want to have the classifieds feel of Backpage there are only a few sites that can replicate it.  The main problem with these sites is that they may be taken down in the future because they violate some of the same laws as Backpage did.

  • Ebackpage
  • Hoobly

Using Bedpage Instead of Backpage

Bedpage is a newer classified site that only focuses on hookups, you will still find cars or other odds and ends for sale here - but it isn't the focus.  This is the site everyone is flocking to right now and i have been meeting awesome people there.

Like backpage, it is best for big cities.  Smaller towns there isn't enough people yet and it is harder to meet someone.

You will find trans, straight, and gay people looking for dates.  There are also people who are sex workers and are selling their services.

The site also has more security than craigslist or backpage did.  In order to create a post you need to verify your phone number.  This helps make sure that everyone only has one account and prevents people from spamming scammy things.  To view other peoples listings you do not need an account.

Ebackpage, A New Clone of Backpage

Ebackpage took the exact look and feel of backpage and remade it as Ebackpage.  It is a very new site that is trying to fill the exact gap left by backpage.  Because it is so new i'm not really sure how long it will last, or if it will become popular enough to replace backpage before it gets taken down.

Best backpages susbstitute

For now you can use it to find an occasional hookup here and there.  It is still about a tenth as popular as the original backpage, though.  I looked it up on the Alexa website and it says that it gets 300,000 visitors per month.  This is much smaller than the 10,000,000 that backpage was getting.

It is an important one to keep on your bookmark bar though and check if you aren't finding what you want on bedpage.


If you leave united states people won't have ever heard of craigslist and backpage.  Instead they all use OLX to go about their classifieds business.

And now that craigslist personals has been taken down people in the US are moving to the OLX personals section.

OLX classifieds really excels in one area, meeting foreigners to hook up with in your town.  Because it is so popular in foreign countries like India, South Africa, Romania, Russia, Brazil,  when those people visit USA they feel more comfortable using OLX and might not be aware of craigslist or other sites.

This is a great way to meet someone new and learn about a different culture and their unique kinky ways.


Oodle was one of the little guys in the USA classifieds game.  They have been around for as long as backpage but they couldn't really compete.  That is, until backpage was taken down.

Now oodle has one of the more popular personals sections in all of the USA.  You can find people near you pretty easily just like craigslist, and all for free.

Oodle also has a different type of user interface than backpage did.  You can see peoples images on their posts and filter by things like age and sex.  It dosen't have quite the big user base as other sites but it is really getting there.

Sites Like Backpage For Hookups and Casual Encounters

If you are looking to find some company for have some fun online there are some quicker ways to do it.  One of my favorite ways is with hookup sites and other dating sites.

These aren't like Tinder or Okcupid.  Instead they are aimed at people who just want to hookup.  They have useful tools on the site like video chat, messaging, profile pictures and videos, forums, and sex courses.

Ashley Madison instead of Backpage

One unique twist on finding hookups is that discreet dating communities.  These are sites for committed people looking to find hookups, the only condition is that you can't tell on them or expect much in the long-term.

Usually this means lots of middle age women who are above average in attractiveness.  They use sites like Ashley Madison because they are free and it lets them find partners who will keep their secret.

I enjoy the secretive aspect of this kind of affair dating because it keeps things exciting.  It feels like you are a teenager again sneaking out to meet a crush.  The only downside of this site is that it costs money for men to use, but is free for women.  This is how they get a lot of women to sign up and be a part of the community.

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Adult Friend Finder

This site is the best general No strings attached membership site.  It has been around for 20 years and has a really big community.  Once you become a member it is tough to have a dry-spell for long.  I am always getting invited by women on this site to go to a swinger party or come over to hang out with some friends.

The main draw of this site is that everyone has a profile.  It lets you get to know people before hand and make sure you want to meet up with them.  You can also join chat groups on the site which work similar to for people to find swingers and orgies.

There is also a sex education section where you can watch videos on how to do kinky stuff like bondage and electric play.  There are also more vanilla videos like the karmasutra and other sex position courses.


This app is like Tinder but for hooking up.  You swipe left and right just like Tinder and can only message people that you match with.

It is a good way to meet people that were probably using backpage back in the day.  In the future more and more classified sites will probably switch to mobile as phones become more popular.  This may be one of the best apps in the future.

The only downside is it is not free like Tinder.  You have to pay to message people after you match.