Best Cheating Sites For Finding An Affair

When you are looking for someone to hookup with there are plenty of options available.

Ashley Madison

This is the biggest site dedicated to connecting people who want to have an affair.  You can meet everyone from rich housewives to people in their 20s to frustrated soccer moms.

The site has messaging, chat, and voice calling built in.  As you connect with someone you can move up to more personal communication before meeting them in person.

People want on this site are looking for people willing to keep a  secret.  Because of this they are much more likely to meet up than people on regular hook up sites.  The attractive people here are hornier and have less options.

Our team of 3 tested this site over the last month and came up with some pretty interesting results.  Of the 458 women we messaged over 78 of them responded within the next day, and 156 within a week and 207 within a month.  This made a total of 43% response rate. Of this 43% we managed to setup 83 dates for a total of 23% hookup rate.  For more details read our Ashley Madison review.

Adult Friend Finder

This site has the most users of any hookup site, so you can find a lot of people living near you.  While it is easy to meet real people with this site the average attractiveness is not as high as Ashley Madison.  That hasn’t stopped me from meeting some attractive women on here, and having one long term relationship from it.  But it did take more work than on Ashley Madison.

Since it is a general dating site and not an affair only site you should be more careful with your identity.  Try wearing a mask in your photo or not showing your entire face, you can also use a fake name.  Anything to avoid being seen by people that might know you are married on the site.

Like Ashley Madison this site has messaging, chat, and calls for getting to know people, however it also adds in forums, webcams, and profile blogging.

Webcams are a great way to safely scope people out, or get hesitant people to see you are trustworthy.  The site’s forums and blogs are another way to see how active people are, what they like to talk about, and gauge their personality.


This is an often overlooked free option for most people with just as many perks as the previous too.  Looking for people on this site involves posting in the personalized section or replying to other peoples ads.

You can start by posting a bit about yourself and that you are looking to meet someone interested in an affair.  When you receive a few emails about your post filter out any people you don’t like and start a conversation with the ones you  do.  As things escalate you can exchange phone numbers, pictures, or skype information.

The main downside of this site  is that you can get a lot of people emailing you with spam offers.  My advice is to set up a separate private email and to make your posts very detailed and interesting.  You’d be surprised how many attractive people browse this site when they are looking for something to brighten their spirits.  It takes less commitment than most sites and can attract interesting people who don’t normally date online.


This is an affair site aimed at women, and even boasts a team of all women staff.  It was created in France and is one of the newest affair sites there is.  The French vibe is very obvious on the app and 30% of the women using it are in France.

They mainly try to cater to women by making it so every guy has public ratings from women they have met with.  They also make it free for women to message but charge guys fees for contacting people.

Extra Tips For Having an Affair

While an affair can be an amazing experience