Fetlife Review + the 5 Best Sites Like Fetlife

Fetish life-the most beautiful life to live. A subculture filled with many wonderful surprises. Obviously, you are curious about Fetlife and what it can do for you! Cum inside this pleasure-filled arena and discover everything you need to know about Fetlife!  

One important piece of information to keep in mind is that practicing BDSM (Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochism) is mentally stimulating for your body and soul. Yes, this is BDSM spiritual ascension at its best!

So, drop down and get your fetish on!

BDSM, Fetish, Kink-Fetlife dating has it all! Are you ready for a storm of fetish dating personals, avalanche of kinky group sex chat, and an extensive Fetlife social network flower bed? Take my hand. Let’s jump into the deep ocean of pure kink.

What is Fetlife?

Fetlife is a social media fetish website for gays and straights from dominants to submissives who wants to take their fetishisms, BDSM and kink to the next levels. This BDSMfinder has over 7.5 million members and growing. It provides a platform to connect those involved with the BDSM community to facilitate sexy hookups. Users can send a series of pictures, videos and posts about their sexual escapades to any interested parties willing to read, watch, or listen to those fa-fa-fantasies. They can share their fetishes, trade ideas, and discuss things that considered a deviancy in the square world. Moreover, there is an area covering upcoming events for fetish seekers in their local communities. 

Visiting the Fetish Life homepage has a discreet vibe because you cannot see much upon first impression. You need to join for full exposure to the world of kink. The background is all black with some gray colors, but nothing visually stimulating.

Is There a Fetlife App?

Yes, there is a Fetlife personals mobile app for Android 3.0+ and iOS 8.0+. Members can download the dating app after signing up for the website through www.fetlife.com. Desktop users would have to download the APK version.

MyFetlife Owner and Origins

Bitlove Inc 2019 owns and operate fetlife.com. Fetish life was created in 2008 by software engineer named John Kopanas in Vancouver British Columbia. He was horny and embarked on a quest to find women who had the same kinky fetish interests as him. However, hitting a brick wall was not part of his plan as he was interestingly surprised at the limited options out there in the cyber world. What does one fetish guy with an idea do? Act on it! So, he decided to create his own website-Fetlife to supplement the absent.

Joining the Fetlife Site

Do you see the Fetlife logo above that looks like a Batman symbol? Does that mean this website lurks in the dark, but powerful beneath the surface. Seems like the perfect introduction to a BDSM role play scene.

After creating a Fetlife personals profile, you will be presented with a group of community members for kinky chat. The member results list could be of the opposite sex (heterosexual or heterofluid) or the same-sex (gay fetish community), depending on your chosen preference.

Creating a Fetlife profile is very easy. Here are the basic entry information to finalize an account:

  • Nickname
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation (12 to choose from)
  • Sexual role
  • Date of birth
  • Country of origin

Fetlife does not collect personally identifiable information, so you can choose to remain anonymous. You can click the Follow button for each member you have an interest. Next is uploading a picture of yourself so they can see how you look. Then, you would need to verify your phone number by entering a 5-digit verification sent through text.

Fetlife Webpage Layout

Let’s take a look at the Fetlife page layout. To the left of the Home icon is a search box for your chosen keyword. Here are choices you will see:

Requests - Will show members who have sent friends requests and the people whom you have returned the favor.

Group Activity - Shows activity of anyone in your chosen group.

Status Updates - Shows all of your updated posts.

Writing - Write about anything related to BDSM.

Video and picture sharing - Share your special fetish moments with others.

Think about Fetlife as an adult Facebook alternative full of kink. You will have a plenty of like-minded followers in your online stable. They can like your posts and see what’s on your mind. Check the notification icon of your inbox messages. Moreover, the black and purple are kinky ass colors all by themselves.

After creating a Fetlife profile or a mobile app account, it is very easy to stay logged in. Just click the “Remember me, I’ll be back” selection so you do not need to sign in every time you visit the page.

Getting help with any issue regarding Fetlife is so easy. There is a whole page answering frequently asked questions, such as how to find people on fetlife, how to search fetlife and more.

You can also email representatives to report an issue or discover how to advertise on the website if you have a business. Yikes!

Another part of the website is meeting the team who runs Fetlife. Maybe add them so you can become familiar with the modes of the community. There is also Private Policy with Terms of Service.

One last important feature is the Fetlife Kinktionary with a glossary of terms that you need to know. These will become very useful when communicating with users on Fetlife! That way, you know exactly what the hell people are talking about when they use certain words!

I am a Dominant searching for a Submissive, but we can Switch so she becomes the Top and I am the Bottom. However, although I like to dress up as a Leatherman and get a good Spanking, I might engage in some cuckold shit for a big Mandingo to bang out my wife.

That is just the dick tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more!

Fetlife Classifieds and Groups

Fetlife also has a groups section where you can post ads to find kinky fuck buddies.  This has made it a good substitute to craigslist personals, and many people are posting there for casual encounters.

Final Word: Ultimately, this community driven website is the perfect place for those into BDSM. It provides a space where people of the same feather can flock together and share their experiences in a fly way. 

Is Fetlife scam?

Obviously not! Just a good ole kink-based social media website!

5 Sites like Fetlife, Good Fetlife Alternatives

AdultFriendFinder - A worldwide hookup community with over 76 million people. It’s not necessarily made for fetishes, but those choices are available.

Alt - Social media dating site for singles with alternative fetishes, including bondage, BDSM, swingers and more.

BDSM Date - A bisexual fetish website for those in the erotic community.

Fester - An educational community exclusively focused around kink.

Written by Roy Steitz

I may be 55 but I still enjoy the joys of sex, and this site is where I blog about it all, including the exotic partners that I casually (and sometimes not so casually) encounter.

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