Best Affair Apps

If you are going to have an affair in apps are your best friend.  You can use them to find affairs, maintain affairs, and manage them discreetly all through your smart phone.

  • Apps for finding Affairs
  • Apps for communicating
  • Apps for keeping it all a secret

Apps for finding affairs




# of Dates So Far


Ashley Madison

67 million


Adult Friend Finder

230 million


Free Hookup Search

59 million



22.1 million


Sensual Matches

10 million


Casual X

4 million


Ashley Madison

This is one of the biggest communities online for affair dating.  They have 49 million users and claim to be growing every year.  The community is great for finding like minded married people looking for an affair, especially women.

The app has a discreet cover setting that makes it look like a regular photo app.  This is great at lowering your chance of being discovered if your partner goes through your phone.

The app has 4 ways of connecting with people you do meet: messaging, texting, and voice calls.  It’s a good way to scale up the comfort level with someone before meeting them in person.


Tinder is the dating app you have probably heard of by now.  You match with people by swiping right or left if you would like to meet them.

Using Tinder Discreetly

If you use Tinder enough you will eventually bump into someone you know, and if that person knows you are married they might get you into trouble.

Hide your face – Use a mask, only show part of your face, blur your photo a bit with free online tools.

Use a fake name

Use a different location – Use Tinder’s location feature to search for people in a city near yours.  If you are about to go on a business trip by yourself you can find a fling in that city before you get there.

Connect – and then decide to tell them you are looking for an affair

Casual X

This is a newer app that is trying to replace craigslist casual encounters.  It is more of a hookup app than something completely for affairs, but people here are looking to hookup so they don't mind keeping a secret.

It works like tinder where you can swipe right or left to find people you like.  If you match you can chat with them, but if you don't match you have to pay to send a message.

The crowd on this app is more kinky and you will find people of all ages.  You can filter by age and there are plenty of older open minded women on this app.  Some of them have a hippy feel and are looking for a wholesome sexual experience - no strings attached.

The number of users is still smaller than adult friend finder and ashley madison but is growing.  By 2019 it is expected to have over 10 million users and be the next big thing in affair dating.

Adult Friend Finder

This is a more general hookup app for finding people in your area.  Its best for finding short term affairs and one night stands.  When you use it be careful to hide your identity again because not everyone on it might be okay with affairs.

Apps For Keeping Your Affair Secret

Kik Groups

You can find kik groups in your area that are meant to help people find an affair.  The best way to find these groups is to join the adultery subreddit where people share kik groups for people to join.  This is the most inexpensive way to find a discreet affair by far.  Everyone on the kik group will be in the same boat as you.  The only downside is that the groups will be small so you won't have much choices.

Apps For Staying Discreet

Signal – This is a quiet chat app that won’t give you notifications of messages that your partner could see.

Vault apps – Use these apps to hide suspicious apps like Tinder so only you can see them.

Other things

Lock your phone – make a habit of keeping your phone password protected so not anyone can skim through it.