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Are you feeling horny lately? Need some companionship? I know I do! Let me ask you something. How does having an escort massage for breakfast sound? How about a role-play partner to fulfill your fantasies during lunch? What about a romantic date filled with roses, chocolates, and champagne for dinner? That’s what escorts are for!

After you’re done masturbating, it’s time to get a real person. The Escort Directory presents the latest information about the best escorts in your area. Flip through the pages and find the men, women, or trans you’ve been attempting to get in your bed for ages! Review

What is

Welcome home, honey. Make yourself comfortable. When you click on the homepage you will get invited to add escorts in your local area. You can search for the ones close to you, view their picture galleries and donation prices.

Only have enough for a cheeseburger? No problem! Lick on a lollipop for something affordable.

I’m sure you’ll find somebody out there in the escort cyber world within your price range. However, if you have the funds to buy quality then you can choose VIP men or women.

"If it wasn't for escorts I have no idea where I would be right now. They breathe fire into my heart and leave me with unforgettable experiences!." - Roy

One good thing about Escort Directory is they take the extra step in verifying the escort’s real pictures. We’ve all been duped by scammers wanting to get a quick buck through Cash App. One left me with my dick in hand and no Skype show.

Heavy moderation saturate Escorts Directory that prevents scammers from posting profiles with fake photos. The only problem is that you need to sift through hundreds of general profiles to find the real ones labeled ‘Real Pics’. Luckily, there is a checkbox for visitors to choose that selection and extinguish the scam attempts. Those potential scammers can join those fake Microsoft technicians for all I care. Do you want to know how to get them off the phone? Tell them to get on Escorts Directory for some pussy or dick for some sexual relief in their lives!

More benefits of becoming a member on Escorts Directory is access to verified contact information for the escorts. That means you can call them directly, not through a 1-900 party line phone number where you’re paying $100 a minute to talk with someone who sounds sweet but probably looks like Free Willy. No, you’re getting access to real men, women, or transexuals for free who have genuine photos and the correct contact information!

Once you select an escort’s profile, there is an icon at the bottom of their page that shows if they are online at the moment. If so, you can communicate with them instantly.

Another key searchable feature is finding escorts who are available for travel. That small feature is a huge benefit for professional men and women who love luxurious trips to exotic places with a companion. That conjures so many possibilities. Sipping pina colada on Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro. Riding 4x4s through the mean streets of South Beach, Florida. Or skiing through the Aspen Highlands in Colorado. This is what escorts are for!

You can select the Natural Photos checkbox to bring up escorts with their real pictures. Horny men like us are programmed to jack off to photoshop photos of another dude’s fantasy. Obviously, some professional escorts need small embellishments, but seeing real pictures before an actual meeting eliminates unexpected surprises in person.

Here’s a breakdown of searchable qualities and characteristics of each escort:

  • Gender (Male, Female, Trans)
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age range
  • Phone number
  • Incall/outcall
  • Sexuality
  • Looks
  • Ethnicity
  • Services
  • Availability
  • Bust
  • Natural
  • Donation Price

The list goes on...

How to Read Profiles

I finally got my Escort Directory page up! Although its naked right now-mhhhhmm naked-I will whip up some delicious goodies to the add to the sexual recipe. That’s why I had to block my personal information because I don’t want you horny guys and gals taking my valuable ideas! This is MY Escort Directory personals and casual encounters space!

Reading the escort’s profile page is very simple. You have two choices.

Independent Escorts

Some escorts work independently, which has benefits. An agency will not keep a percentage of the money, so the escort gets the entire donation fee. Therefore, they might work harder to impress, giving you more gang bang for your buck fuck. Moreover, you have more flexibility because they are willing to try new things or change the contract terms without hassle-if you need extra services. The bad side about hiring independent escorts is that they could be stragglers off the streets with no experience. Giving sloppy, dry blowjobs like Kim Kard-ass-ian’s first sex tape. Moreover, the escort might have sticky fingers that will steal hard cold cash out of your wallet or purse when you fall asleep because there is no agency to hold them accountable. Agency Escorts

Escort agencies make sure to send out the top-of-the-line men, women, or trans who are accountable for their actions. They are professionally trained to perform the top-grade arousal methods. Since they are not street walkers and Ocean’s Eleven experts with nothing to lose, they normally respect boundaries and are trustworthy. Moreover, agencies get their escorts tested for STDs for clean fun.

The profiles also give you an idea of what type of service the escort performs, including massages, BDSM, girlfriend or boyfriend experience and more. You can also see how long these romantic meetings will last.

One important part of is the Reviews. If I can get advice or information about a girl from a person like me, I trust it more. These reviews are left by real people who got serviced by a specific escort, giving you a heads-up what to expect.

For example, I saw a couple of reviews that says one girl’s blowjob was wack and another girl did not like kissing. Small things like this matters.

Some other features you will see are whether they accept anal, cumshot, 69, and passive or hardcore sex. You will learn about their conversation level and if they have real or fake breasts.

Also, the language preferences available are Russian, Spanish, English and more. Registration

Registration is simple. You will get a choice to register as an agency, escort, or a regular member. Of course, I chose a regular member because I want to pleasure my sexual member. You are required to enter your email address and password.

Settings will show who you are following, reviews, and events in the city. The bottom page shows latest forums and blog posts.

Classified ads for personals allow you to get their real phone numbers, see how many views they have, their location, and email. See the comments, likes and dislikes, photo feed and ratings, live cam and more.

You would need to include your name, email and a message for live chat support if you have any problems with the website. You could also give advice and suggestions for improvements to tech support in this section.

The website will prompt you to add email to subscribe to the newsletter. 

Escorts featured on the site are from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, and Austria.

Is Escort Directory Legit/Scam?

What kind of question is that? Of course Escort Directory is legit and not a scam! Just go and meet some escorts!


  • Close-knit community of like-minded people
  • Real people ready for real things
  • Verification process will protect your identity
  • Professional and discreet
  • Extensive escort profile information
  • Real/natural picture section selections
  • People get straight to business


  • Small amount of members than other escort sites
  • Some fake photos on profiles go unchecked

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Written by Roy Steitz

I may be 55 but I still enjoy the joys of sex, and this site is where I blog about it all, including the exotic partners that I casually (and sometimes not so casually) encounter.