Affair With Sister In Law

Being attracted to your wife or girlfriend’s sister has been a common thing since the dawn of time.  They have the similar genetics and easily trigger those same feelings of desire.

I don’t have any experience myself with a sister-in-law affair, so instead for this post I decided to do a roundup of all the best sister in law affair stories online.  By reading these you can learn from other peoples experiences.

Affairs With Wifes’s Sister:

Fixing the pipes:

A 32-year-old man is asked by his sister-in-law to come and fix the pipes at her house.  Her husband is out of town and the man notices she has been drinking a little.  As he starts to fix the pipes she is drinking wine and talking about random things with him.   She mentions how she’s ‘at that age’ where she is always horny and wishes she could get laid more.

One thing leads to another and eventually they end up fucking for 2 hours all over the house.

Study Break:

The guy in this story is 2 years older than his sister in law and has known her since she was a teenager.   He like his wife sure, but he’s always thought her sister was hot too.  Eventually she admits to him that she is a virgin and has always had a crush on him.

The guy doesn’t hesitate to seduce her and smoothly leads her to sex.

If you like erotic stories this one is very detailed, and a good source of inspiration.

Rejected once, but not twice:

If the chemistry is there don’t be put off by a no.  That’s the lesson from this affair story on reddit where a guy manages to sleep with his sister-in-law on the second try.

After a night of drinking the original poster goes in for a kiss and gets slapped.  Fast-forward two weeks, they see each other again and she makes the move to kiss him this time.  Never say never.

With Brother’s Wife:

Not something I would recommend, but heres some stories of people that managed to pull it off.