Bedpage Exposed: Is this Site Legit or is it 100% Spam? (I Tested It To Find Out!)

So here I go-talking about yet another classifieds website that has replaced the toppled gallant Backpage that was crawling with people looking for an astronomical amount of quality sex work.

Next up on the roster waiting for your service for exclusive sex work is the all-new Bedpage.

I’m sure you are already wondering how you can use to get a comforting massage doused in pink rose pedals with scented candles, filling in the air, rolling out girlfriend/boyfriend roleplays like the red carpet at the AVN sex movie awards premier, or take BDSM fetishes to the maximum extremes-experiencing something only found in sleeping dreams…and everything else in between…those legs.

“Man, I’m pissed Backpage has shut down. What the fuck is wrong with these people?”

Hold on for a second! Calm down there grasshopper. Find a yin balance in yourself.  Inhale the good, exhale the bad. The federal government is responsible for shutting down Backpage in an attempt to prevent sex trafficking and child exploitation. The shutdown was for a good reason. Now Bedpage will step up to the plate, in a legal way, and take over!

What is Bedpage?

Bedpage is a classified listing website for people to post all types of things from products to services. The website is completely free to join and use, so if you don’t like it, you are not required to stay.

You can easily choose the city that you want to search through to find escorts. Many people in the cyber world refer to Bedpage as the offspring of Backpage because of the way the marketplace is set up. In fact, Bedpage has even coined itself as the “Backpage alternative” because of the umpteenth amount of non-sex related categories.  

Unfortunately, Bedpage is not really a dating website so you would have to do some searching and scouring to find that special someone. What!? Searching? Scouring? I don’t have time for all that shit! Look, Bedpage is designed for posting information on various topics. You will find people selling item such as automobiles, real estate, video games and everything else non-sex related.

Ok, why are you telling me this?

Because sex is still on the menu. Just scroll to the very top of the front page for a tasty sample. Right there, in underlined dark grey fonts are several categories. They’re listed below.

Sugar Babies – Young women who are having financial troubles can finally find their Sugar Daddies to put some cash in their petite pockets.

Meet&Fuck – Well, the name says it all! In-your-face, straight to the point. Here, you can meet and fuck someone. Pretty simple!

Horny Milfs – Older women who still got their grooves like Stella can finally feel free and young again!

Sex Cams – You can watch adults engage in interactive hardcore sex action. No touching, just good old voyeuristic fucking! Caliente!

Android App

There is an Android app for Bedpage but you have to do some digging on Google. This is an accessible way to meet people no matter where you are! Trains, plane, automobiles-things get real on the Bedpage personals app. That is a HUGE plus!


Entertainers are from all over the United States, Canada, Asia, Pacific, Middle East, South America, Africa, and any other country that pops in mind! Choose from over thousands of horny men, women, and trans for a wild time in bed-page!

Is Bedpage a Scam?

Well, I deeply regret to inform you that this will be the longest part of the Bedpage review because (I hate to admit) this website seems like it’s a scam. Let me explain why...

I rather beat my meat in peace than rely on Bedpage because I don’t know what the hell is on there. I have discovered through extensive research tons of people from prominent review websites like Reddit who say that Bedpage is a scam. Majority of the posts say that Bedpage are fake, littered with scammers trying to get money out of unsuspecting horny men, like myself, who will mostly think with our dicks!

You will probably get your head bashed in with a rock instead of getting your rocks off. I wouldn’t trust anyone from here. Although Bedpage claims they screen for fake accounts, they do a very bad job at detecting them and processing removals, which let scammers flourish like unchecked weeds in a garden.

Some people report that it takes weeks to find a real woman. Man, I could have gotten on Switter, Escort Directory, Doublelist, Adult Friend Finder-the list goes on and on-and found someone real and set up a meeting within minutes! Going to another website is the best convenience, you will get!

There are many spam advertisers on Bedpage trying to get you buy all types of stuff unrelated to sex. That’s a no-go!

Don’t believe me? Just log on Bedpage and take a look at the global and local rankings, which are pretty low compared to other websites in the same category. The numbers are 3,400+ worldwide and 600+ registered users in the United States. Those are horrible numbers. Hey! At least, at the time of writing, the ranking is up compared to the previous day. That is a positive, I guess.

One good thing about Bedpage is that it gets straight to the point. Everything is clearly presented. However, because of the high amount of scammers and difficulties finding sexy entertainers, Bedpage might not be worth your time. So, the short answer is, yes this is a damn scam!

Another thing I disliked about the Bedpage is the lack of information found on Google. When I Google “Bedpage” or “Bedpage reviews,” there were up to 3 pages of results, and then the information falls off the face of the earth. A strong online presence shows that a website is very popular, reliable, and trustworthy.

Sites like Bedpage?

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Ashley Madison – A discreet dating site for married people who want to get away from their boring existence. Find some spicy fun served on a bronze platter with someone else. Discover a secretive way to cheat without getting caught!

Switter – Welcome to the adult version of Twitter. Twitter kicked escorts off their sites and many are searching around the World Wide Web trying to find an alternative. Many moved to Switter to “Sweet” information to fans. Join now!

Escort Directory – Use the many filters to find the escort of your dreams for a romantic dinner date and a good time! Incall and outcall services are available!

Honestly though, other craigslist personals alternatives will make for a good bedpage substitute, check out our guide to them here.

Happy fucking!

Hear that squeak?

Written by Roy Steitz

I may be 55 but I still enjoy the joys of sex, and this site is where I blog about it all, including the exotic partners that I casually (and sometimes not so casually) encounter.

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