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Welcome to Switter-the adult version of Twitter.

 You can finally send your sex tweets (sweets) in peace without getting banned. Get re-sweets and re-posts by people who are into the same fetishes as you!

 Sex work is the oldest profession in history, generating a lot of money for a lot of people who wouldn’t have had the chance otherwise. So that brings us to Switter-a safe spot for sex workers to reach their goals and create better futures for themselves. Maybe they want to communicate with fans to let them know about upcoming events. Or maybe they have a photo shoot and want to share the results on their personal profile pages. Maybe tour dates are coming up or book signings are now on the roster. Whatever the reason, as long as it’s within legal parameters, Switter helps you manage your sex work!

Twitter does not allow adults to express their sexuality anymore due to the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act passed in 2017. Although this law meant to protect people, which is a great thing, it toppled the infamous Backpage and Reddit personals and casual encounters sections and even prevented sex work on Skype. Dammit, no more Skype shows from pornstars for me!

Twitter gave sex workers a safe haven because they could screen clients and operate under anonymity without having a pimp. Getting protection under these safety features does not exist anymore, leaving sex workers exposed to lurking predators who have big ass smiles on their faces. Moreover, Twitter started to ban sex workers, which made them search for alternative choices to promote their business.

 Switter is the last choice. An Assembly Four spokesperson says that sex workers are at a “much higher chance of ending up in a potentially life threatening situation.” This rings true in the volatile sex industry on the streets.

Switter is one of the main remaining places to stay away from the streets of no discrimination, violence or fear. Free yourself and be yourself, to deliver your sex work safely. After 5 million posts and 200,000 users, this website has proved its reliability and trustworthiness. Operating on Mastodon, an open-source microblogging network, and previous user of the Assembly Four company in Australia, Switter is the premiere adult social networking website for sex workers active in the industry.

How Does Switter Work?

Switter works just like Twitter! Check out the screenshot below.

Create a 480 word character Sweet and send it out to the universe. People will read it for sure! You can add pictures, links, tags, and mentions to certain users-just like on Twitter. Best of all, like-minded people who are actively involved with sex work will respond and see all of your posts.

This website is free to use and free of censorship, so you can freely be who you want to be. They offer free-reign, where adults can free themselves sexually and talk about whatever they want. But of course, they need to do it within the confines of Switter’s Code of Conduct and the law. That means no trading sex favors for money.

Members can, however, “sweet” out their sexual desires to a supportive community of horny members interested in watching events unfold. BDSM, massages, roleplays, girlfriend and boyfriend experiences are all accepted.

Cell phones are the new-age robots that we use daily slowly taking over the world. Therefore, Switter, like any other social media site, has iOS and Android apps to download. You can find them directly on the Switter homepage or in the iTunes or Google Play stores.

“Dream big”

Switter Review: Discover the Undiscoverable

The above widgets is what you will see once logged in your Switter account. They control the direction of your posts. Here is what each one represents-from left to right.

  • Community timeline shows public posts from everyone on the site.
  • Federated timeline shows live posts updated every second.
  • Preferences allow you to modify your language setting, public or privacy exposure, content followers will see, and your profile theme.
  • Logout button.

Switter Settings

There are even more features on the website that you need to know about.

  • An authorized external app links to other social media pages so you do not lose your fans and let them know where your new profile is located-which is on Switter.
  • Import data - Upload videos, photos, and documents to the website to share with members.
  • Notifications - Get alerts and updates about events, favorites, statuses, likes and dislikes, re-sweets, messages, mentions and more.
  • Preferences - Change color icons, profile settings and more.
  • Avatar - You will be prompted to add an avatar upon creating an account by uploading a PNG, GIF, and JPG image 2MB in size.
  • 2-step verification - You have the choice of administering additional security settings for account access that would make it hard for intruders to penetrate the defenses. Set up a two-factor authorization using your phone. Scan the QR code and continue locking the account, which requires special implementations for access.
  • Header - You get 160 characters to draw up a bio about who you are, what you like, and what you’re looking for on the Switter site.
  • Blocking - You can block followers or non-followers from seeing certain content or your profile page.
  • Sing-Up - Sign up with just an email and password, but you need to confirm your account by clicking the confirmation link.
  • Listings - if you used craigslist personals to find sex workers, this can be a good casual encounters alternative for you.

Is Switter Legit / Scam?

Switter is a legit dating/social media website for adults involved in sex work. Although it was banned off Cloudflare because of a new law, the company found another hosting site and is running at full speed. Many users really enjoy their experience on Switter and more are signing up every day.

So, the short answer to your question is no, Switter is not a scam. It just got caught up in a few government rules is all. Even Craigslist, Reddit, Twitter, and Skype are not immune.

Sites like Switter - Alternatives

Tryst - Offers a legal alternative for sex workers with privacy and safety around USA, Canada, Australia, and all of Europe.

Adult Friend Finder - An international dating site/social network with over 76 million members worldwide engaging in casual encounters and personal hookups.

Ashley Madison - An infamous online dating social network with millions of members consisting of married men and lonely housewives wanting an affair with a hot date.

Switter also makes for the best backpage replacement site, if you are looking for that;)

Written by Roy Steitz

I may be 55 but I still enjoy the joys of sex, and this site is where I blog about it all, including the exotic partners that I casually (and sometimes not so casually) encounter.

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