I Tried Both Sildenafil and Tadalafil BlueChew, Here’s My Review

Did you know that in the US alone over 30 million men suffer from a form of erectile dysfunction? The old go-to cure used to be trusty ol’ Viagra, but now there are new male enhancement pills on the block which are revolutionizing sexual enhancements and making it easier than ever to take high-quality sex pills that work. The latest of these new products is Bluechew – a chewable Viagra-style male enhancement pill.

What is Bluechew?

Bluechew is a male enhancement pill which is designed to be chewable – it’s like eating a piece of candy rather than swallowing a pill. As well as being convenient to quickly consume, this chewable pill form also means that the product works more quickly than old-fashioned pills. In fact, according to the manufacturer, these chewable Viagra-style pills can work up to 2x as fast as regular tablets, which is great when you’re in a hurry to get your freak on pronto.

Bluechew is actually a subscription service, similar to services such as Loot Crate and Dollar Shave Club. You pay a set fee every month and they regularly ship a supply of chewable sex pills to your door directly in discreet packaging. The more pills that you order, the more money that you save for buying in bulk. This means that you don’t have to make any more awkward visits to the doctor and discuss your sex life with a relative stranger. 

The patent for Viagra has now expired, clearing the way for companies like Bluechew to formulate generic Viagra-style pills which are cheaper and more effective. So what’s actually in these little blue pills anyway? The Bluechew pills come in 2 forms – Sildenafil (30mg) and Tadalafil (6 mg). 


Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra which is designed to help produce an erection in the short term. It is best taken on an empty stomach if possible and lasts 4-6 hours once it kicks in. In pill form, Sildenafil takes up to 1 hour to start working, but with chewable sex tablets, it’s more like 30-40 minutes before it starts working.


Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis, another male sexual enhancement pill you’ve probably heard of. Tadalafil is designed for long-term effects, lasting 24-36 hours after consumption, so it can be taken at a low level on a regular basis to help with chronic ED. Again, in chewable form like with Bluechew pills, it can get working as soon as 30-40 minutes after consumption.

My Review of Sildenafil Bluechew (Black Pouch)

These pills contain 30mg Sildenafil and they’re about the size of a nickel, so they’re really easy to pop in your mouth and chew. They’re actually a fair amount smaller than the Tadalafil alternatives. They can be a little crunchy and get stuck in your teeth a little, so just bear that in mind. The taste of them is nothing to write home about; they have a generic medicinal taste, but that’s what I would expect really.

These safe male enhancement sex pills come in a classy little black pouch which looks like those wrappers that after-dinner mints come in – it feels very respectable and dignified. The ingredients in these pills are essentially the same as Viagra – they act like a chewable Viagra which gets going in about half an hour rather than 60 minutes. They stay in your system for 4-6 hours so they’re ideal for a romantic night in.

I get home from work before my partner does, and one evening on her way home she sends me a text telling me that she’s insatiably horny and she’s been playing with herself under her desk at work all day. I’m instantly aroused so I go running to take one of these Sildenafil Bluechews because I know I’ve got some time before she’s home.

I happen to be in the kitchen when she arrives home, visibly flustered. She stands at one end of the kitchen and slides her panties down to her ankles as I watch, visibly moist and trembling. I can feel an intense erection building inside my jeans as she starts to rub her pussy slowly and talk dirty to me – my cock feels like it’s going to explode with excitement.

Unable to wait any longer, she kneels down in front of me and unzips my jeans – the outline of my rock-hard cock is clearly visible through my tight white boxers and there’s already a wet patch of precum which she licks playfully. When she pulls down my underwear, my erection springs free – I feel like I could explode onto her face right there and then. She tastes my oozing precum with her tongue, sending a shiver down my spine as she smiles and moans.

I then proceed to receive one of the best blowjobs of my life, right there in my kitchen. My throbbing cock stays strong throughout the whole thing, and I notice that my partner’s knees are shaking as she rubs her wet pussy while sucking me. She loves sucking my cock when she’s horny, and finally she is able to suck and suck until I shoot my hot spunk into her mouth like a bullet.  I normally can’t sustain an erection long enough to cum from head, but this time was a big fucking exception and I have Bluechew to thank for it! 

My Review of Tadalafil Bluechew (Gray Pouch)

The Tadalafil Bluechew male enhancement tablet is based on the same active ingredients as Cialis, so it’s designed to stay in your system for 18-24 hours after consumption. This obviously makes it more of a long-term ED solution; you can take it regularly like a prescription if you want to guarantee easier erections over a longer period of time. 

These pills are bigger than the Sildenafil versions, but that makes them easier to split them in half and chew more comfortably. Again, the taste is nothing sensational, but I’d rather my sex tablets not be filled with sugars and sweeteners anyway. These ones come in a dignified grey pouch, and although the pouch is nice and classy, if you’re taking these pills regularly then you’re going to have bins stacked high with wasteful pouches, so bear that in mind.

Me and my partner recently went on a romantic trip to New York for about 5 days, so I decided to start taking these Bluechews a few days before we left and throughout the trip. Basically, I knew we would probably have a couple of hot nights together in our hotel, but we’d be together all the time, so I didn’t want to spoil any romantic moods by wandering off to take a sex pill and sit around for 30 minutes. Instead, I just took one every morning before breakfast and never thought about it again.

No, you don’t end up with boners throughout the day – that would’ve been very inconvenient. However, as we walked around Manhattan, I could certainly feel that my sex drive was intense. Even if I didn’t get erections in public, I could sometimes feel that pulse of excitement you get from your prostate when you’re on your way to cumming. 

Whether it was my beautiful wife or the models in the Victoria’s Secret window on 5th Avenue, my libido was on fire and I knew that I was ready to go when the time was right. At one point my wife put her hand on my leg while we were on a sightseeing bus – I had to politely ask her to stop because I could feel the blood rushing to my cock. She laughed and took her hand away before whispering “guess I’ll save that for later”. She knows how to tease me.

That evening, when we get back to the hotel I immediately slam the door shut and throw her on the bed – we both need to fuck, badly. I pin her down spread-eagle and we passionately kiss as I slowly slide my hand up her skirt and stroke her pussy through her panties. I feel her getting wet as she moans in pleasure. I pull down her panties and use my longest finger to massage her moist pussy as she uses her hands to pull down my pants.

Bluechew challenge: Walking through the Victoria's Secret on 5th Avenue it was very difficult to hide the bulge in my pants.

My throbbing cock bursts out of my pants – it feels so good as it stands tall in the air, blood flowing fiercely and pre-cum leaking onto her supple breasts. Just as I slide my finger deeper inside her, she finally moans “fuck me please” in that submissive little bitch voice she’s so good at. I pull off her skirt to reveal her dripping pussy and I can’t contain my excitement any longer – I slowly slide my cock into her, enjoying the warmth of my woman’s pussy inch by inch.

The deeper I slide into her, the more she moans and the more I feel like I’m going to cum from pure excitement and sex drive. I start pumping slowly and deeply inside of her – she’s not felt a cock so hard inside her for ages and she’s loving every second of it. I begin to pump more and more intensely as she screams in ecstasy and grabs my hair and whispers into my ear “fucking cum inside me” which is enough to send me over the edge. My hard cock explodes as I fill her up with ball-throbbing contractions.

We both needed to lie down after that horny fucking session – I was exhausted and she was still reeling from the multiple orgasms she felt. A couple of minutes after finishing, my cock slowly started to subside back to soft. Honestly, it’s like I’m 18 again and I can fuck all night without a care in the world. I love it and my partner feels like she’s fucking a new man! These pills can’t be recommended highly enough.

Is Bluechew Legit?

Bluechew is a legitimate online subscription service for male enhancements pills that work. The company is based in Chicago, and ships its products to states whose laws allow them to. You simply select a plan (i.e. decide how many pills you want to receive a month) and then pay a flat monthly fee to receive these pills in discreet packaging every month.

You have to undergo a health assessment and be reviewed by a licensed medical professional or physician before you can take Bluechew. As part of your package, you are offered regular consultations and support from doctors, so you can rest assured that an experienced medical professional is standing by if you have any concerns. It seems like they go to good lengths to take care of their customers.

Does Bluechew Work?

Hell yeah it does! Depending on which type you get, it contains the same active ingredients as Viagra or Cialis. However, Bluechew is a damn sight cheaper than Viagra and the fact that it’s chewable means that it gets absorbed by your body more quickly.

If you haven’t read my review stories above, now would be a good time to do so. Let’s just say that my wife and I are incredibly pleased – I can stay rock hard for hours now, and I don’t get any of the headaches I used to get from Viagra.

A Few Bluechew reviews from Reddit

Obviously, I’m just one man, so you can’t take my opinion as fact. Here I’ve gathered a few of my favorite comments from Bluechew reviews on Reddit. I think it’s better to take Reddit reviews instead of company-sponsored testimonials which are obviously biased.

“I'm 24 and while I don't think my normal doctor would prescribe me ED meds, there are times with my girlfriend where for no real reason, I can't get to 100%. Also sometimes I'll just kinda lose it after 20 minutes. I figure I have a slight problem but nothing life ruining. So I took 1 tadalafil pill and we went about our business 30 min later and very easily got to 100% and had no worries about losing it the whole time.”

“Been using it for a couple months and it’s amazing so far. Haven’t tried to cancel, but I don’t see why I would since it’s been sort of life changing.”

This one’s almost like a poem:

came two days after ordering. chewed the blue. dick got rock hard. fucked gf for almost an hour. she tapped out. dick still hard as i type this review. 10/10 would chew again.

Bluechew coupon code, free trial, and free samples

Bluechew sure does love advertising their free samples and coupons all over the place, but I suppose it’s just good marketing tactics for a company selling a product which most people will be hesitant to buy. You can request a 1-month free trial of Bluechew to try it out and see what you think; just remember to cancel your credit card if you’re not satisfied within that time period.

There’s also a 30-day refund period if you decide that you’re not happy with the pills, so you can rest assured that you’ll get your money back if Bluechew doesn’t do it for you. You will still have to pay $5 for shipping, however, which cannot be refunded. Still, most of us can spare 5 bucks to search for male enhancement pills that actually work.

Bluechew Side Effects

There are possible side effects to taking Bluechew, even if you’ve been given the all-clear to take the sex tablets by one of their doctors. For example, the Sildenafil 30mg pills can cause headaches, redness, back pain, congestion, nausea, muscle aches, blurred vision, dizziness, upset stomach, hot flashes, diarrhea and in rare cases memory/hearing issues.

With the Tadalafil 6mg pills, you may notice lightheadedness, coughing, abdominal pain, muscle pain, flushing, indigestion, sore throat, low blood pressure, a feeling that you’re about to vomit, and inconvenient erections which last for a long time even though you’re not aroused.

Is Bluechew Safe?

Sildenafil and Tadalafil have been used in the best sex tablets for over 20 years at this point, so we have a good sense that they’re safe to use if your doctor approves. Basically, Bluechew is as safe as any other ED medication which uses the same doses of these active ingredients. Still, use caution, watch out for side effects, and follow your physician’s advice.

Bluechew packages and pricing

So, how much bang do you get for your buck? (pun intended)

Sildenafil 30mg

  • “Active” plan - 6 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($20)
  • “Busy” plan – 10 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($30)
  • “Popular” plan – 17 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($50)
  • “Pro” plan – 34 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($90)

Tadalafil 6mg

  • “Active” plan – 4 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($20)
  • “Busy” plan – 7 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($30)
  • “Popular” plan – 14 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($50)
  • “Pro” plan – 28 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($90)

States where it’s not allowed

Due to certain state laws which prevent people from receiving prescribed medication from a physician via the internet, Bluechew cannot be sold in the following states:

Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, and South Carolina.

This law applies to all medication being ordered online – it’s not anything to do with the formula/ingredients etc. of Bluechew specifically.

Final Review

After reviewing bluechew, I feel like this is a great option if you are in the market for a legit and HQ generic viagra.  It's much cheaper then other options and the subscription option is really convenient because you don't have to go the store to pick it up.  I don't have any plans to cancel my bluechew subscription anytime soon.

Written by Roy Steitz

I may be 55 but I still enjoy the joys of sex, and this site is where I blog about it all, including the exotic partners that I casually (and sometimes not so casually) encounter.

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