Ashley Madison Review

When I first heard about Ashley Madison in late 2017 I was immediately curious.  A website where frustrated housewives come to find a release? Count me in.

Like most things on the internet it didn’t turn out to be quite the sexfest I dreamed it would.  However with some persistence, I managed to score 7 dates and 4 lays, all in less than a month.


By the numbers, Ashley Madison is the largest affair site and the 14th largest dating site.  With 71 million members in 103 countries around the globe.  Their slogan “Life is short, have an affair” sums up their mission and a different twist on helping people become happy.

Like a fancy nightclub it’s free to use for women, but for men it costs about 30 cents per message.



    Higher ratio of women looking for sex compared to other dating sites


    Voice and text chat for getting to know people


    Discreet features and billing keep usage secret



    Some young women on the site are only looking for a sugar daddy


    It costs credits to message women, buying credits costs $40 per 200.


    No match making feature like other dating sites

My Ashley Madison Experience

After making an account I received 6 messages and 3 winks within 24 hours.  To answer these messages I needed credits and that cost $40.

It was 5 credits to respond to a message or about 30 cents if you do the math.  The first two girls I talked to were 20 somethings ‘berriesdelightfull’ and ‘missmarine’.  After a few lines they asked if I wanted to see their webcam, which I said no to.  I’m pretty sure they were looking for a sugar daddy more than an affair.

The third woman was little8385 who was in her mid 30s and more my type.  I messaged her a random line I found online and we started to hit it off.  It turns out she only lived 5 miles away from me.

“Breakfast preference: pancakes, waffles, or sleeping til lunch?”

We chatted for 4 days and eventually decided to meet at a bar nearby both our places.  In person she was pretty interesting, a bit more overweight than I thought, but still very bangable.  We continued to hit it off, I could tell she was horny and ready to cheat, there wasn’t much work for me to do except keep building the rapport.

After an hour we took an uber back to my place and banged for a solid 45 minutes.  It was fantastic, she had no hesitations and was down for oral and anal.

After my experience with Korin, little8385’s real name, I kept experimenting more with Ashley Madison.  I sent out 38 messages within 17 days, out of those I got 18 responses and 6 more dates.

Two of the women I met with got cold feet on our first date,  I could tell they weren’t 100% ready to cheat and felt too guilty.  One I made out with and never heard from again.  The 3 other women I met with were more like Korin, 2 decent, and 1 a hot milf.  All pretty good in the sack.

Other Features


If you travel a lot for work or fun you can use the “Traveling Man” feature to find dates in cities you plan on visiting.


As an affair site it has gone a long way to making sure your identity isn’t found out.  It lets you blur your images, put masks on them, or both at the same time.  You can also submit black messages that people can only see for a few minutes before deleted, kinda like snapchat.


Has SSL and verified trust awards.

Other Tips

Hard to get an account as a girl

We tried 5 times just to see what it was like and every account wasn’t approved, somehow they knew we were dudes.

Seems to be you need to avoid sites you haven’t heard of, but sites like nostringsattatched and adult friend finder have the popularity.


The overall feeling I get from Ashley Madison is that it has more attractive women looking to bang than any other site.  Where as on Tinder you get women who aren’t seriously looking, almost every woman on Ashley Madison is there because they want to hookup.  The downside is it costs a bit of money to send messages, but this also works in favor of filtering out competition from other guys.

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