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Here are some of the sites I've been using instead of rubmaps:

RubMaps was one of the first sites to have reviews of massage parlours. Forums existed when RubMaps was launched, but this was the first site dedicated to reviews, including Asian massage parlours. RubMaps had a near-global presence, especially in Australia and the United States. While it had its share of controversy, there is no denying the fact that RubMaps did help legal massage parlours and professional masseuses to build their reputation through feedback from customers. The platform also helped people to find out if a particular parlour was worthwhile and if they would be satiated with the service.

What Happened to

RubMaps is not available, either in the United States or in Australia, because it has been taken down after FOSTA-SESTA came into effect in April this year. There is a subpage of the website available even now. You can access the forum. You can check out reviews and posts on the forum but it is unclear if this would remain accessible in the future. FOSTA-SESTA has taken down many websites that advertised or facilitated the listing of various kinds of adult services, from happy endings to escorts. If you are looking for alternatives, then you can explore Spa Hunters, AAMP Maps, MP Reviews, Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison among others.

Other Sites To Try Instead

AAMP Maps is similar to RubMaps with some difference. RubMaps did not solely focus on Asian massage parlours so there were all kinds of spas listed and reviewed on the site. AAMP Maps focuses on Asian massage parlours that are famous for their happy endings and other sex services. Spa Hunters is quite different from RubMaps. It is not an outright review platform for different kinds of massages involving sex services but you can explore various options and ascertain if they are indeed what you are looking for. MPReviews is quite extensive in terms of detailing the experiences, something RubMaps was well known for. RubMaps had reviews where customers detailed every aspect of their experience, including prices and how to go about asking for normal massages to be upgraded to include happy endings and other services.


Spa Hunters can be more useful than other alternatives if your pursuit is mostly a holistic treatment or some therapeutic massages. The platform enables various spas and massage parlours to advertise their services and you can find some really amazing treatments for different preferences. The platform is informative and the descriptions of various spas are quite accurate. You are unlikely to make a wrong choice if you rely on the listings and reviews available on Spa Hunters. Likewise, MPReviews can also help you to make the right decision based on your preferences.


Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison are not exactly alternatives to RubMaps in the sense that they are not review websites for massage parlours. However, both Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison are discreet and resourceful platforms to find escorts and massage therapists all across Australia. Ashley Madison is more appropriate for those looking for a casual hookup or even a serious date. The website has facilitated millions of people around the world to find dates and a vast majority of their members have embarked on short term and long term affairs. Adult Friend Finder is useful if you are looking for a casual date or want to find an escort. These websites have innumerable members based across all major cities and towns in Australia. You are definitely going to find more members based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Perth, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart among others.


All these RubMaps alternatives have active forums and there is a treasure-trove of information for anyone interested to find relevant details about specific massage parlours. There are many customers who have extensive knowledge about various parlours and the kinds of services available. These users provide the much needed help to those who are perhaps new to any of the cities in Australia or have no prior experience of visiting such parlours. It is unlikely RubMaps would be restored anytime soon, unless it is rechristened as another website, based somewhere beyond the United States so FOSTA-SESTA is not enforced.


FOSTA-SESTA has no ramifications on local laws and Australia already has existing legislation against various kinds of trafficking. However, since many websites are affiliates of their American counterparts and some platforms are effectively owned by companies based in the United States, the ripple effect is unavoidable. It is unclear what kind of impact FOSTA-SESTA would have on websites that would now be used by massage parlours, escorts and agencies to advertise their services, even if they are done rather discreetly to avoid controversy or greater scrutiny. RubMaps was clearly in the limelight and hence it is unsurprising why it was one of the first casualties in the enforcement of the new law.