How To Seduce A Married Woman

Often we meet what seems like a perfect woman.  Shes attractive, theres connection, shes witty – then we notice the wedding ring on her finger – she’s taken.

Or is she?

Many guys make the mistake of not pursuing a woman just because they see that ring.  When in reality, some married women are much easier to seduce than single women.

This guide is going to show you how to determine if you can seduce a married woman, how to do it, and how to keep the affair going.

Is it possible to seduce her?

Before progressing through the phases of attraction you need to determine what kind of married woman you are dealing with.  There are 3 main types of married women when it comes to seduction.

Just Married – These are women who got married within the last 0-2 years.  Often times they are still high on their marriage and very loyal to their husband.  This makes it extremely difficult to seduce them, its not impossible, but it takes an incredible level of game.  You are much better off looking for women who have been married longer.

3+ Years Married And Under 30 – Scientific studies have shown that after about 3 years infatuation decreases and this causes most marriages to fail.  This is definitely true with younger women who get married too quickly.  She will see her friends having fun, she will see herself starting to age, she will see her husband isn’t who she thought he was.  This leads to regret, feeling trapped, and an eagerness to enjoy life before it is too late.  The stage is set for her to rebel, and you can easily be her outlet.

Common ways women like this rebel:

  • Going out more
  • Drinking
  • Meeting new guys
  • Watching porn
  • Using affair sites like Ashley Madison

Other signs

Some other green flags that she is possible.

Her Husband Is Cheating On Her – If she hints that her husband is unfaithful then this is another great sign.  She will either be in a revenge mood or a fuck it mood, both are good for you.

Shes in an open relationship – Some women and men are in healthy open relationships, its 2018 after all.  The ring on her finger may mean she is committed emotionally, but sexually she is free to roam.

Shes Just Plain Horny  — If she is touching you a lot, and making flirty eye contact chances are she just needs a good fucking.  This often times goes with the previous two, but not always.  Sometimes women can not control themselves around an alpha male.

The best test to know if you can seduce her is by asking for her phone number.  If she gives it enthusiastically you know she is interested and you can proceed with deeper attraction.  While you text her see if she is flirty and interested in escalating. I’ve even gotten some naughty photos from women using sexting apps like these


Complimenting – Picking up married women is one of the few exceptions where complimenting is a good strategy.  Because she is married she has not been getting hit on like she was before.  When you start complimenting her you switch her back into the mindset of her dating and available self.

Its important to not go over the top with this.  Use some of these compliments as a starting point:

  • Your fashion sense is awesome
  • I really love the way you look today
  • How do you stay so fit
  • Does your husband compliment you every morning? He should

Obviously avoid cheesy lines like “you’re beautiful”, or “your skirt matches your eyes”.  Keep it simple, fun, and down to earth

Complimenting plays another important role by letting her know you are interested.  You will begin to stand out in her mind as unique and bold.  She might even begin to fantasize about having an affair with you – the seeds are planted.

Other basics

These are basic principles that increase your attractiveness to any woman:

  • Be mysterious
  • Be confident
    • Posture
    • Voice
    • Walk
  • Have some big goals in life
  • Stay in shape


So the married woman is interested in you, what is next?  You want to convince her that cheating on her husband is in her best interest.  With women who are in a marriage they hate this will happen very easily, with other types of women who are on the fence it can take some coaxing from you.

This coaxing will need to be indirect and subtle.  Think of it like you are a counselor that is helping her realize things about her husband or marriage.

For example lets say she brings up her husband is always out working late.  You could add some fuel to this by saying “its his loss” or “he seems have a poor sense of priority, I wouldn’t be able to wait to get back to you”.  Only comment on her marriage if she brings it up though, don’t bring it up yourself and don’t draw it out.

This is because you want her to feel like she is dating when she is with you.  Talk about her passions before marriage, talk about her dreams.  This can help her realize how she has been trapped by her marriage.


So now shes ready to have sex to you, all you need now is a place where you won’t be too disturbed.

If you work with her, ask her if she wants to stay late and work on a project together.  The moment there is a bit of lingering eye contact or touching you can make your move.

Time – Most women have affairs during the day when they can leave the house less noticed.  Try to meet on her lunch break or after work for starters.

Place – You can suggest going for a drive in your car and make out and bang right in the car.  Otherwise a motel or hotel is your best and safest bet.  If you are single you can also take her home.  Rarely will you end up in her bed, this can also be a risky situation, you never know how crazy her husband might get if he catches you both.